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Attrape Mouche

Attrape Mouche

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Un espace zen qui vous appartient

  • Assurez votre santé en évitant la contamination par les mouches
  • Profitez d'un espace paisible sans nuisibles
  • Adoptez une solution respectueuse de l'environnement.
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  • Ideal for low temperatures

  • +10,000 happy and warm customers

  • A comforting sweetness

  • Free delivery on $25 CAD purchases


It will keep you warm and you will feel a sense of comfort thanks to the softness of the double-layered fleece fur. It will be easier for you to get through the fall, winter and spring seasons.


Ideal for your daily life and your sports sessions, these leggings will allow you to cover long kilometers while providing excellent comfort and flexibility in your movements.


You will be able to vary your clothing style and use these leggings as tights and have another item of clothing over them or even wear them alone. Your shapes and your silhouette will be highlighted, plus you can also wear it on any occasion


We recommend washing it in cold water and machine washing.

For longer durability, please wash it before wearing

The most frequently asked questions

Are thermal leggings warm?

Yes. They are stretchy, comfortable and also lined with fleece to keep you warm.

Q: Are leggings suitable for all seasons?

Heated leggings are suitable for all seasons. However, they have been specially designed for low temperatures. They are ideal for fall and winter, but can also be worn on cool spring days.

Q: Can I wear them under other clothes?

Yes, they can be worn alone or as an insulating garment under other clothing. They are slim and comfortable, making them ideal for layering with other outfits.

Q: Are heated leggings suitable for indoor and outdoor activities like hiking or skiing?

They provide an additional source of warmth to keep your legs comfortable during your mountain adventures or long winter walks. You can also wear it for yoga, running, and other workouts.